Erikson Institute gratefully acknowledges the staff at the Offord Centre for Child Studies at McMaster University, the Human Early Learning Partnership at the University of British Columbia, and the Center for Healthier Children, Families and Communities at the University of California Los Angeles for contributing their time and expertise to the development of this pilot project.

We are also deeply appreciative of the commitment demonstrated by community collaboratives, school districts, teachers, parents, concerned residents, local early childhood providers, elected officials, and businesses. Their effort and support was critical to the successful implementation of the Erikson Institute Early Development Instrument Pilot Project in their respective communities.

The Erikson Institute Early Development Instrument Pilot Project is generously supported by:

and an Anonymous Donor

Lastly, the leadership, insight and expertise of the Early Development Instrument Strategic Advisory Committee members were invaluable for the evolution of this project and ensuring its responsiveness to the needs of each community.

  • Sam Aigner-Treworgy, City of Chicago
  • Mara Botman, Circle of Service Foundation
  • Missy Carpenter, Chicago Cares
  • Charles Chang, Erikson Institute
  • Cornelia Grumman, McCormick Foundation
  • Theresa Hawley, Illinois Action for Children
  • Lisa Hood, Illinois State University and Governor's Office
  • Madelyn James, Voices for Illinois Children
  • Mark Nagasawa, Erikson Institute
  • Geoff Nagle, Erikson Institute
  • Cristina Pacione-Zayas, Erikson Institute
  • Sylvia Puente, Latino Policy Forum
  • Cynthia Tate, Governor's Office of Early Childhood Development
  • Jaclyn Vasquez, Erikson Institute
  • Joyce Weiner, Ounce of Prevention
  • Cathy Mannen, Illinois Federation of Teachers