Kankakee County, IL

Kankakee County

Engaging in EDI

The Success by 6 Coalition serves children and families of the City of Kankakee, Village of Bradley, and Village of Bourbonnais. The EDI was implemented through Kankakee School District 111, Bourbonnais Elementary School District 53 and Bradley School District 61.

One of the biggest challenges faced in Kankakee, Bourbonnais and Bradley is the lack of first-person data that captures the social, emotional, and mental health of children. The Success by 6 coalition did not have a holistic data set to communicate with service providers and funders alike the true population gaps facing today’s early childhood children. For years, mental health data has been provided by hospitals, community health, and, pieced together, limited data is available for children 0-6 because of the industries caution to diagnose a child so young. Department of Education data shows 58% of all public schools (1-8 grades) in the area are not making yearly progress; which tracts of children is unknown.

Success by 6 and its community partners implemented the EDI within two school districts to gain insight on the quality of the environments children have been exposed to in the early years, and to better prepare every child in our community to enter school ready to succeed, and to continue to succeed thereafter.  

The results collected by the EDI identified areas of greatest needs and informed grant proposals, funding allocations, development and retooling of programs, and led to the creation of action plans. Additionally, the data continues to provide a platform for the community to improve services, further dialogue between collaborative partners, and be a driving factor in determining need within the focus area of early childhood development.

Note: Information provided by Success by 6 Coalition Request for Proposal application to Erikson Institute (2016).


Naming the Neighborhoods

For the purposes of the EDI Pilot Project, a “neighborhood” is defined as a distinct and relatively small geographic area that community members recognize as their neighborhood. A neighborhood is often bound by some level of social interaction and shared institutions. Census tracts are utilized because they cover the entire geographic area and support the identification of neighborhoods. Census tracts provide consistency and:

  • They are small enough to be aggregated into neighborhoods that resonate with local residents​;
  • They can be used to track data trends throughout the life of community-level plans; and
  • This unit of analysis is used for numerous community indicators, which can be essential for effective planning and evaluation of activities.

The pilot team in Kankakee County met once to define and name neighborhoods.  Present at the meeting were the three, contiguous school districts that comprise the EDI Pilot Project in Kankakee, in addition to other members of the Success by Six collaboration. Each distinct school district had representation at the meeting and the decision was made for each district to name the neighborhoods within it.  Additional maps from City Hall were procured in order to support this naming process.

Each school district approached this process differently.  Some school district representation utilized the following criteria when deciding on the neighborhood names:

  • Existing names of voting wards
  • Landmarks, such as shopping centers and the local YMCA
  • Names of housing subdivisions
  • Names of home developments
  • School names were not used to identify a neighborhood because the EDI is meant to situate children within the context of their neighborhood and inspire broader, community-wide responsibility for addressing vulnerability.

The following names of the neighborhoods were chosen:

Aroma Park
Blatt Subdivision
Briar Cliff
Evergreen Acres
Hunter’s Run
North Kankakee
Old Bourbonnais
Royal Kankakee
West Kankakee

Upon reflection post-EDI implementation, the team sees value in gaining a broader consensus of neighborhood names in addition to the inclusion of all schools and districts within the mapped community boundaries.


Community Metadata

To download a PDF of the metadata document for Greater East St. Louis' EDI implementation in 2016, click here.

Community Contact

For more information on Kankakee County, contact:

James Duggan, Ed. D. (Bourbonnais School District 53)
(815) 929-5110